We are The cave collective

The Cave Collective is a 501(c)(3) coffee shop and performance venue committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and sober space for all-ages expression through a vibrant and action-oriented arts scene.

Every person needs a place to belong. We know that a strong community must be centered in the arts and cultural engagement. Through our art gallery, mental health programming, and live cultural performances, we bring new life to Rapid City and the surrounding region.

The Cave Collective is truly a space for everyone. Whether they want to meet new friends, create a new band, explore their craft, learn an artistic medium, try their hand at latte art, find a cozy place to read, or just engage with the community, we offer all of it. By removing financial barriers and creating opportunities for our elders to interact with the youth of the younger generations, we allow safe space where ideas flow freely, stories are heard with intention and respect, and lifelong friendships are sparked. 

Rapid City, South Dakota

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